Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well!

Mailbox Marketing Storm SeasonIt seems that everybody has gone digital. From smart phones and tablets, you can access just about everything you need. And today’s marketers are expending more resources than ever before on digital marketing. This trend is true in just about every industry…yes, even remodeling. Using apps to show a homeowner how their home will look with new siding, windows, doors, roofing and other products is quickly becoming commonplace. Contractors are using email marketing to communicate regularly with their customers.

But for those who say direct mail marketing is dead…we have news for you…it’s alive and well!

There is a place in this world for both email and direct mail marketing. Shrewd business managers understand the need for both. There are certain messages suited better for direct mail. For more on this, read this article from Entrepreneur Magazine. The author provides 4 distinct reasons why direct mail marketing can be better than email marketing.

If you are not familiar with direct mail marketing and how it can improve your business, attend a FREE webinar on Norandex Mailbox Marketing. Click here to sign up for it!

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Peace of Mind with Norandex Products

Allied WindowsWhen Tracy Freeman of Allied Siding and Windows in Texas talks with customers about doors, durability is a big selling point. So is efficiency. And lately, so are locking systems.

“If you watch the news here, safety and security is becoming very, very important to people,” she says.

Norandex doors and windows are loaded with features that make them top choices for homeowners concerned about safety and security. We talked to Norandex dealers and customers about how the right door or window can help buyers sleep better at night.

Norandex keeps the kids in. Tasha Julius of the Sustainable Resources Center in Minneapolis suggests Norandex double-hung windows for her clients with small children.

“There’s a little night security tab so the window can only open so far,” she says. “It keeps people out, but it also keeps children in. The majority of the homes we serve do have small children. If we choose the double-hung option and do a full screen, the homeowner can leave the bottom window closed and open the top window. You’re still getting the air flow, but you’re keeping pets and kids and whatnot out.”

Multi-point locks offer multi-point protection. Freeman says the Therma-Tru Door has been popular with her customers because of its multi-point locking system.

“Offering that multi-point lock is something that a lot of people go for,” she says. “It just makes them feel more comfortable. It’s not going to be as easy to break into their homes.”

New windows help the elderly. Sustainable Resources uses Norandex windows for their Living Well at Home program, which helps elderly people stay in their homes longer by making the homes more accessible. You might not consider windows a health hazard, Julius says, but they can be for older homeowners.

“Sometimes the old windows are just too heavy, and wood swells,” she says.

Julius’ team replaces heavy windows with new Norandex windows, which are easier to open and close. Seniors are able to keep their houses cooler in the summer, Julius says, which can be a big concern for the elderly.

How is Norandex helping your customers stay safe? Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Explain Window Condensation?

“There is moisture on my new window…there must be a broken seal…how and when can you fix my window?”

Ever hear that before? Most window installers know that in many cases, window condensation is not a result of any window defect or poor installation. But how do you explain that to a homeowner that is staring at a thin sheet of ice on their new windows that you recently installed?

Indoor condensation is a very real phenomenon that involves relative humidity that is affected by the relationship between indoor air temperature and outdoor air temperature. Oftentimes, when old windows are replaced with new, energy-efficient windows, old air leaks that negated the humidity in the home are eliminated, thereby creating the potential for indoor condensation. There are ways for a homeowner to change the humidity in the home but the battle begins with convincing the homeowner that there is nothing wrong with the window.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has an excellent site that will help you explain indoor condensation to any homeowner: Bookmark this page and refer homeowners to it often…yes, even when they purchase new windows. Trust us…making this standard practice could save you a hassle months from now!

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Are You Taking Advantage of Houzz and Porch?

porchAngie’s List started the trend several years ago…build a web site where homeowners could go for information, reviews and referrals for local contractors who could complete their home improvement projects. The idea was a huge success…and today not many of us buy ANYTHING anymore without first looking at reviews on the Internet.

Like anything, though, Angie’s List has evolved and new entrants into the online referral business have come along. You may have heard of sites like and These data-driven sites allow contractors the opportunity to create profile pages, showcase their recent projects, gather testimonials and give homeowners seeking contractors a reason to reach out to them for an estimate or quote.

If you are not familiar with these sites and how they work, take a look at Wendy Jordan’s article in Professional Remodeler magazine: It’s a must read.

So, today, we ask: “If you are a contractor, are you using sites like these to generate interest and leads? If so, are they working?”

Click on the blue envelope icon below to comment!

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Sad News: Tragic Boat Accident Takes a Young Life

Kris BeallAll of us at Norandex offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Kris Beall. Kris, the 27-year-old owner of Kris Beall Construction, in Pineville, LA, and a customer of Norandex’s, was tragically killed this weekend when changing weather conditions capsized his boat during a regatta.

Conditions were calm early Saturday when more than 100 sailboats set sail in the 57th running of the Dauphin Island regatta. Suddenly, a powerful spring storm whipped up in Mobile Bay and capsized a number of the boats competing in the race.

Kris will be missed by our entire Norandex team in Alexandria, LA, who considered him a good friend, not just a customer. Our collective prayers and thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.…/pineville-man-killed…/26425193/

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Norandex Teams Up with Wisconsin Community

©2015 Lieneke Hafeman

©2015 Lieneke Hafeman

A sense of community. A sense of pride. A sense of ownership. A sense of belonging. With more than 100 locations across the country, some in rural towns and cities, Norandex is committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. As such, in many cases, we offer financial and material support to various worthy causes in our hometowns. Whether it is sponsoring local youth sports teams, contributing to local chapters of various health, education and community organizations, or donating materials to home rebuilds for the betterment of the community, our employees do take a great sense of pride, ownership and belonging in their towns and cities.

For example, through our store in Green Bay, we were so thrilled to participate in the Project Home’s  Hammer with a Heart project in Sun Prairie, Wis. Norandex is donating siding and accessories to the effort to provide major home repairs and maintenance that will improve this family’s safety, comfort and health through the help of generous sponsors, skilled volunteers, community volunteers and Project Home staff. Since 2002, Project Home has coordinated the repair of 100 Dane County homes. Now THAT’s community improvement!

Last Friday, members of the Green Bay Packers stopped by to volunteer and help with an early phase of the project as part of the 10th Anniversary of their Tailgate Tour. It was a complete surprise for most of the volunteers, as the Packers did not want to cause a big scene and make it a huge spectacle for autograph seekers. They simply wanted to help the cause for a few hours. And that they did. In addition to providing a treat to the volunteers, the Packers players picked up the tools and put their muscles to work. You can see more in this great video:

As you can imagine, there are other community projects in which Norandex participates. From time to time, we will feature these projects in this blog to share the great work our local Norandex teams are doing to improve the communities in which they live and work.


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Norandex Products Thrive During Record Setting Winter

If you’re still trying to recover from the brutal weather that has battered much of the United States over the past several months — well, you’re not alone. The winter of 2014-2015 brought record-setting snowfall and cold temperatures to the eastern half of the country, posing unprecedented challenges for homeowners and builders.

We talked to builders, remodelers, and installers about how they’re using Norandex products to deal with winter weather’s unholy trio: wind, rain and cold.

Wind. Gary Whetstone of Whetstone Construction in Hobart, Okla., says some siding can peel when gale-force winds whip through the state. “The biggest thing here in western Oklahoma is the wind,” he says. “This whole side of the state, there have been wind farms and wind turbines popping up everywhere. That’s why I like Everlast siding. It’s so strong and durable, it holds up in the Oklahoma wind.”

Rain. Glenn Brant of Medina Roofing in Medina, Ohio, is such a big fan of eXtreme windows that he installed them in his own home. “With my old windows, moisture would seep through the bottom of the windows,” Brant says. “They were drafty and warped. The eXtreme windows have zero drafts coming through them. I’m sure every salesman says they used the product, but I did use it on my own house.”

Cold. At Allied Siding and Windows, which has three locations in Texas, customers are asking about energy use. “It’s 74 degrees one day, then down to 30 degrees,” says Tracy Freeman, Allied’s senior production coordinator. “People are trying to make their homes more efficient.” Allied recommends Simonton Windows, including StormBreaker Plus models. Not only do they keep the weather out, but they’re approved for Texas’ strict state wind insurance requirements.

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Get Your 2015 NX Product Guide Now!

LowesThe Lowe’s associates in Ashtabula, OH, LOVE the Norandex 2015 Product Guide so much, they began fighting over the store copy…so we gave them each their own copy! Do you have yours yet? If not, be sure to stop by your local Norandex branch and get it…or visit for a digital version!

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